Astrela Starlight Wiki

Sargrum of the Avar needs a deep scan of the Thetan anomaly to help complete the celestial recall and projector system.

Stage 1:

Contact Devoran in Thetan (1,0,0) and get permission to deep scan the anomaly.

Stage 2:

Devoran needs information from Watrun in Saurum Lacu (-1,1,0)

Stage 3:

Watrun recommends contacting the Avar ambassador, Cernaw, in Saurum Tord (-1,2,0).

Stage 4:

Return the waveform information and device to Devoran in Thetan (1,0,0)

Stage 5:

Use communication system to attenuate the Thetan anomaly and deploy 64 carbon, 256 neon, and 16 tungsten.

Stage 6:

Return the deep scan data to Sargrum in Nidium (-1,-1,0)