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The Cetus need help building a Stardock in Thetan (1,0,0)

Stage 1:

Build up your reputation with the Cetus.  Check back with Dolan on how you are doing.

Stage 2:

Construct a Stardock in Thetan (1,0,0), then contact Dolan.  Contact Svem in Medius (1,1,0) and Deph in Arae (3,2,0) about the Stardock.


This is the reputation quest for the Cetus. Complete other quests in Cetus space to gain reputation. When asked, Dolan will list the other Cetus the player has helped. In order to complete this quest the player must complete at least eight Cetus missions. Svem's mission to close the anomalies in Cetus space must be one of the completed missions.