Astrela Starlight Wiki

Lune needs help sealing the wild rift in Guibus (0,-3,0)

Stage 1:

Contact Lune in Guibus (0,-3,0).  Build a wild cap station close to the rift the wilds are coming through.  Set pulse system to search for creatures.

Stage 2:

Contact the Saurum about their Wild Pulsor technology.

Stage 3:

Construct Pulsor Cap stations to seal the wild rifts in Guibus (0,-3,0).  Set pulse system to maximum range and filter only for Creatures.

Stage 4:

Return to Hetch in Pluma (-1,-3,0)

Stage 5:

Contact Rheel in Fenden (1,2,0) about the wild rifts.

Stage 6:

Seal the five wild rifts in Fenden (1,2,0) using the Pulsor Cap Station.  Set your Pulse system to maximum distance and filter for Creatures.

Stage 7:

Return to Hetch in Pluma (-1,-3,0)