When Taden first came to Lystran, he found evidence that the anomalies were caused by a ship.  He sent Maelir to find the ship.

Stage 1:

Build a gate stabilizer in Pluma (-1,-3,0) then explore the unknown sectors to the west and find Maelir.

Stage 2:

Scan the derelict Astrela, Tserilecx, and Astralecx core, then contact Maelir.

Stage 3:

Clear the system of Sortis (-2,-3,1) of Toreisan vessels, call the Astrela and Tserilecx to the system, then contact Maelir.

Stage 4:

Stop the Saurum in Raeson (-1,-3,1) from generating the waveform that is distruping the jump system.

Stage 5:

Claim the Astralecx Core, then bring the Astrela and Tserilecx within 200k of the Astralecx Core, target it, and merge the ships.  Return to Taden in Avar Nidium (-1,-1,0).

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